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Fraud in the Contact Centre

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This webinar highlights how fraudsters are exploiting vulnerable contact centres. The impact of fraud costs millions, damages customer satisfaction and client retention. 

Fraud in contact centres is a problem across all the major verticals, including: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities, Telcos, Retail and Public Sector. 

During the webinar, we will demonstrate strategies that can be implemented to combat fraud and increase customer satisfaction. This will help you add more value to your client relationships.


  • Fraud in the contact centre
  • High Street Bank: a success story
  • Adding value to your customer conversations
  • Partnering with Smartnumbers
  • Q&A

About Smartnumbers

Smartnumbers authenticates callers and detects fraud in real-time, combining the power of AI and community, we build a world of trust in every call.

The impact of fraud is alarming, affecting millions of people and costing the UK alone almost £7bn, which accounts for 40% of all crime. Shockingly, 61% of fraud is connected to the contact centre, with one in every 500 calls coming from a fraudster. 

Unfortunately, current authentication methods often frustrate genuine customers, create inefficiencies and fail to stop fraudsters who conceal or manipulate their phone number. With 58% of fraudsters withholding their number, spotting the concealed risk can be challenging.

We are revolutionising the industry by equipping organisations with real-time insight into the risk of a caller. We combine artificial intelligence, deep domain knowledge and a consortium of confirmed fraudsters to prevent fraud and streamline customer experience.